Maybe not as well as they might receive in the private sector, especially after serving in Congress, but we shouldn’t be miserly either. I want Congress to be more accessible to more people like AOC, who don’t come from wealth, who aren’t making a great salary before running, and/or who have the expense of raising a family.

The House is the most do-nothing Congress in history, hates the President and only cares about the rich and big business. But just like the Tea Party was a creation of the Koch Brothers and hired gun Dick Armey of Texas and promised jobs (delivered none), the American people keep allowing themselves to be played for suckers.

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Every 10 minutes or so, someone knocks on the big wooden door of. But in her first three months in Congress, aides say, enough people have threatened to murder. Obama and perhaps the only Democrat right now with the star power to challenge. Privately, some admit they're also a little afraid of her.

At this point, he estimates that "it’s probably 60-40, 65-35 that it will probably be done badly" through conflict, with the poor eating the rich for dinner when the revolution comes.

That’s not to say they’re. Maybe that’s just me being pessimistic, and maybe needlessly so. There are a lot of.