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That’s what Valentine’s day is all about, right? Well, maybe not. The origin of this holiday for the expression of love really isn’t romantic at all — at least not in the traditional sense. Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells the real story of the man behind the holiday — St. Valentine.

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The history of Valentine’s Day Today’s version of Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love, companionship and propping up the flower industry. But do you know where it came from?

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Saint Valentine (Italian: San Valentino, Latin: Valentinus) was a widely recognized 3rd-century roman saint, commemorated in Christianity on February 14. From the High Middle Ages his Saints’ Day is associated with a tradition of courtly love.. There are two different Saints’ Lives for a St Valentine on February 14, but they are probably the same man.

Valentine’s day: Real meaning" Radhanath Swami explains the real meaning of Valentine Day When I was young, no one called it Valentines Day, everyone called it Saint Valentines day. You remember? Now they just call it Valentines Day because they d.

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